Created by Dean Brown, Jan 23/2003

These are the little pictures that can be shown beside your website URL as well as other places, depending on your browser:

Netscape v7: (shows up in the Address bar and on the Web Tabs)

IE6: (The icon appears in the Favorites list as well)

Favicon is also supported in IE5 and 5.5

A favicon is just a 16x16 pixel graphic stored in your root directory on the webserver. This is the same directory as the "index.html".

You should also add it to every subdirectory too, if you only wish to support IE and don't wish to modify all of your web pages.

Its name is similar to favicon.ico and can be created by the shareware program called Icon Forge (see links below). After creating the icon, and saving it in the proper spot(s), you'll need to modify your web pages to have the following line, which goes between the <HEAD>...</HEAD> tags at the top of the HTML code:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="">
<link rel="icon" href="">
(both seem to work, but it may depend on the browser. I've seen sites that use both) will be replaced by your domain name
favicon.ico will be replaced by your ico. For example, ours is netsell.ico

This will have to go on every HTML page if you wish to have the icon appear in the URL and Tab in Netscape and if you add the page to your "Favorites" in IE. This actually allows you to have different icons for different pages. That makes a good time to design your web pages with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)!

Again, if you only care about this working for IE, then just add the icon to every directory. No need to modify the web pages.

I've only experimented with 16 colour images but you can use 256 and 16.7 million.

More Info: (Icon Forge software) (Commercial Site) (Free, Online Icon creator) (MS Specific) (Step by Step)