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About DAHB Music:

DAHB Music started in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Second Wave Music in 1991 for the purpose of releasing music from Canadian '80s bands that had never been released on CD before. In the spring of '92, I released "A Canadian Alternative" (the word alternative was not so much in use then), which sold about 1000 copies and got some nice reviews. That spring I was also involved in the Queen St. production of Jesus Christ Superstar (lights & recording). It was a fantastic couple of weeks! The best part was meeting many great people and hearing a lot of great bands: Scott B, Satanatras, Saturnalia, The Lawn, Change of Heart and many more.

Realizing the great potential in the indie scene, I decided to shift my focus to the current music scene. Over the winter of '92 I contacted over 50 bands proposing a compilation CD. There were a lot of compilation CD's out there but this one would be different. I planned on finding the most popular bands, with the most popular songs and putting them on the CD in an order that was pleasing to listen to. I would also pay the bands royalties, something unheard of. The idea was to make a CD that the fan would be able to put on and listen to for an hour. Kind of like K-Tel! "A Canadian Alternative '92" came out in the spring of '93 and has sold over 3000 copies across Canada. It was the number 1 indie at SAM'S for 14 months!

Over the winter of '93 I put together "A Canadian Alternative Vol III". I also changed the name of the company to DAHB Music, both to reflect the new direction of the company and to avoid confusion with Second Wave Records in Guelph. DAHB comes from my initials. I had to choose from over 70 bands from across Canada for the 21 spots on the disk. We had one helluva party at the Big Bop for the record release - over 800 people, seven bands, 30 pizzas, two kegs of beer and 300 drink tickets. Once again the CD went number 1 with 2000 copies sold so far.

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